Training Opportunities that meet your Unique Needs

Praxis Training acknowledges the power in the uniqueness of each situation. We will take the time to investigate your individual training needs and design programs and training opportunities to meet those needs. If, in our pre-assessment, Praxis Training determines that we cannot provide the program you need, we will refer you to an organization that can. Praxis Training wants everyone who works with groups to discover and take full advantage of all the transformational power that exists in that unique setting.
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Team Development

Do more than just function. Praxis Training offers programs that will help your staff team flourish. Explore the unique aspects of how your team functions best. Increase effectiveness, productivity and job satisfaction through active and engaging group sessions. Decrease turnover and retraining by taking your team through the powerful and practical programs offered through Praxis Training.

Creativity that Works

We are all born creative people. Let Praxis Training help you and your team rediscover your creativity.

More than just dreaming or brainstorming, Praxis offers programs that help you access your great ideas and generate realistic action steps to turn these ideas into reality.

Whether you need help breaking through roadblocks on a specific project or you want to learn specific creative processes and skills, Praxis Training offers workshops and consulting services that can meet your needs.

Consulting & Coaching

     * General Consulting
     * Personalized Professional Development and Coaching
     * Diversity, Time Management, Stress, Sales and Leadership Profiles and Programs
     * Behavior/Temperament Assessments, Profiles and Programs
     * Program Development
     * Custom Recreation Ideas and Equipment
     * Team Assessment, Evaluation/Intervention


Tap into the Power of Active Reflection

Praxis is the transformation that happens when theory action and reflection collide. Praxis Training programs go beyond providing current theories and ideas and they do more then offer skills. These programs encourage participants to look at their duties, jobs and themselves in new ways. Experiential, hands-on programs along with Praxis' unique teaching and learning approach create powerful training experiences that will transform how you approach the people with whom you work.