John Losey

John Losey has been teaching and leading people since 1983 and working with experiential programs since 1986. His work with Christian organizations such as Campus Life, Forest Home Christian Conference Center, Youth Specialties, Center for Student Missions, and numerous other churches and camps has given him diverse experience within the ministry world. His work with small and medium sized businesses and international NGO’s adds additional depth and perspective to his work.

John holds a BS in biology, an MA in social science, and has done continuing studies in learning
and growth theories, community development and trust. He is director of Praxis Training
Systems and author of Experiential Youth Ministry Handbooks 1 & 2 and several articles on
leadership, creativity and ministry. Along with running Praxis Training, John is the Training and
Development Manager for the award winning Leadership Development Program at the
University of Farmers: Claims (Farmers Insurance). He has been instrumental in implementing
enterprise wide programs to develop coaching skills and emotional intelligence.